ポーランド合気道セミナー2023報告 The Report of Poland Aikido Seminar 2023



I conducted an Aikido Seminar in Stara Wies, Poland, from June 2nd to 4th, 2023.


The seminar had over 150 participants, from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Laviya and Ukraine.


The venue for the seminar was the European Budo Center Dojo, located in Stara Wies, a charming village surrounded by Japanese traditional houses. It was my first visit to this place since 2019.


Throughout the three-day event, I conducted six classes focusing on basic techniques baced on the center axis. Additionally, I taught a special class aimed at rejuvenating the body and mind. The participants gathered enthusiastically like before COVID-19 and thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.

来年も、またステラビエシでセミナーが開かれる。主催者はCentral Aikido Aikikai Polska。ヨーロッパの合気道家の皆さん、ヨーロッパ武道センター道場で来年もお待ちしています。

We are pleased to announce that the seminar will be held in Stara Wies again next year. The Central Aikido Aikikai Polska is the organizer of this event. We look forward to welcoming all Aikidoka from Europe to the European Budo Center Dojo next year as well.

セミナー等の依頼はこちら。 About request for the seminar is here.

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