静岡県地域社会合気道指導者研修会報告 The Report of the Shizuoka Prefecture Area Aikido Instructor Seminar

I instructed at the Shizuoka Prefecture Area Aikido Instructor Seminar from February 10th to 11th, 2024.


The event took place at the Shizuokaken Budokan, and approximately 100 people participated. I served as the central instructor, with Katsuhiro Ishihara Shihan assisting as the local instructor for three classes each. On the 11th, both group and individual demonstrations were held, concluding with my own demonstration.


In my first class, I focused on utilizing the center axis and the hanmi line. The second class emphasized the use of shoulder’s and arm’s weight. The third class covered gradual learning methods for Yokomenuchi movements and development techniques. These methods are concrete, widely applicable, and highly versatile, allowing many participants to incorporate them into their techniques. I want to encourage all attendees to apply these methods in their practice. The seminar was meaningful for everyone involved in several ways.

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