『ユダヤ人の起源』を読んで The Impression of The Invention of the Jewish People


This is a book review I wrote exclusively for a newsletter in March 2018. I’m sharing it now because I believe it can be helpful in clarifying the current issues surrounding Israel.

ユダヤ人の起源 シュロモー・サンド ちくま学芸文庫

The Invention of the Jewish People  Shlomo Sand









現代イスラエルを作ったシオニズム運動の間違いは、本来は宗教的集団に過ぎないものに、民族的、血統的なつながりを付け加えたことにあると本書は述べます。 この処方箋としてはイスラエルは全世界のユダヤ人の国ではなく、イスラエルという地に住む人にとっての普通の国になることだと説きます。この処方箋を見るだけで彼が現在のイスラエルを本当のところは愛していて、何とか軟着陸させようとしていることがよく分かります。

ただ、現実としてはイスラエルがユダヤ人だけの国家を捨てることは、かなり考えづらい未来です。 白人の支配者が黒人に取って代わられた南アフリカ共和国が将来のイスラエルの姿だと、私は思います。もっとも、そこまでなるのは何世代も先の話でしょうが。




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This book is a massive work, spanning over 607 pages, written by a historian specializing in Israel’s history. When it was published in 2008, it created quite a stir within Israel.

First, let me explain that this book is highly challenging in nature.

In today’s world, anyone who expresses negative views about Jewish people faces condemnation from various quarters. For instance, those who defend the Holocaust carried out by the Nazis are thoroughly criticized as proponents of anti-Semitism.

There was significant criticism even for arguments suggesting that individuals deeply involved in the Holocaust, such as Eichmann, who, as Hannah Arendt proposed, might have been an ordinary bureaucrat rather than an outright villain. It was occured in spite of that Hannah Arendt herself was Jewish.

It is crucial to remember that the prevailing trend in today’s world is an absolute rejection of anti-Semitism. In the midst of this, what this book asserts can be considered quite shocking. It’s important to note that even the author, Sand, is Jewish.

The reason for the establishment of Israel in its current location is based on the argument that it was the ancient homeland of the Jewish people, who were later forced into exile, leaving their homeland and spreading throughout the world. Therefore, the current rationale for the founding of Israel is the idea of a nation without a homeland anywhere in the world re-establishing an independent state in the ancient homeland.

However, the author’s argument expresses the lacks substantial evidence to support the theory that Jewish people were forcibly relocated from the land of Israel. Instead, it suggests that many of the local Jewish residents converted to Islam, ceasing to be Jewish. There’s even a possibility that some of the present-day Palestinian people might have Jewish ancestry.

Furthermore, the increase of Jewish people in places other than Israel is attributed to the proselytizing efforts of Judaism, rather than any ancestral connection to ancient Jewish roots. This book meticulously presents this argument, drawing from historical sources with great care. While the author avoids making conclusive statements, his stance is apparent.

This book argues that the mistake made by the Zionist movement, which created modern Israel, was adding ethnic and ancestral ties to what originally was just a religious group. As a prescription, it suggests that Israel should not be the nation for all Jews worldwide but rather a regular nation for the people living in the land of Israel. Just by examining this prescription, it becomes clear that the author genuinely cares about the current state of Israel and is trying to find a soft landing for it.

However, in reality, it’s quite challenging to envision Israel giving up its status as a nation exclusively for Jewish people. I believe the future Israel might resemble the South African Republic, where white rulers were replaced by black leadership. Of course, it would take many generations for such a transformation to occur.


The foolish war currently unfolding in Gaza must be stopped immediately. It is inhumane to confine over two million people in such a small area like Gaza strip. I believe that Israel has no choice but to accept people of different religions.


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