キルギス合気道セミナー2023報告 The Report of Kyrgyz Aikido Seminar 2023



I conducted an Aikido Seminar in Bishkek, Kyrgyz, from June 22nd to 25th, 2023.

参加者はビシュケクを中心に100名以上が集まった。ロシアからの参加者もいた。会場は昨年12月のセミナーと同じDinamo Dojo。7回の稽古と1回の審査を指導した。内容は中心軸を中心とした基本技である。昨年と同様であるが、より分かりやすく指導した。他には受けの動きを集中して指導をした。

The participants gathered from around Bishkek, and there were over one hundred attendees. Among them was a participant from Russia.

The venue was Dinamo Dojo, the same place as last December’s seminar. I conducted seven practice sessions and one grading exam. The content of the sessions focused on basic techniques baced the center axis. It was similar to last year’s seminar, but the instructions were made easier to understand. Additionally, I provided specific instruction on Uke movement, emphasizing its importance.

23日、キルギス国立オペラ座での合気道連盟会員のDmytry Zhumaliev氏のコンサートに行った。Dmytry Zhumaliev氏はキルギス期待の若手オペラ歌手である。昨年12月のコンサートよりも大規模なオーケストラが演奏する素晴らしいものであった。コンサートの最期にはキルギス文化省副大臣、Zhumaliev氏の音楽の恩師、在キルギス共和国日本国大使館の大川壮一郎参事官に続いて挨拶をした。Zhumaliev氏の益々の活躍を祈りたい。

We attended the concert of Mr. Dmytry Zhumaliev, a member of the Aikido Federation, at the Kyrgyz Opera House. Mr. Dmytry Zhumaliev is a promising young opera singer in Kyrgyz. The concert was even bigger than last December’s performance, featuring a orchestra and excellent performances. At the end of the concert, I delivered a speech, followed by the Vice Minister of Culture of Kyrgyz, the music teacher of Mr. Zhumaliev, and Soichiro Okawa, the counselor of the Japanese Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. I wish Mr. Zhumaliev continued success and prosperity.


Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to the individuals who attended the seminar with me from Japan. They thoroughly enjoyed the natural beauty, cuisine, and warm hospitality in Kyrgyz. We plan to hold the seminar during the same season next year. I invite you all to join me in visiting Kyrgyz. Let’s go together!

セミナー等の依頼はこちら。 About request for the seminar is here.

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