キルギス合気道セミナー2024報告 The Report of Kyrgyz Aikido Seminar 2024

I conducted an Aikido Seminar in Bishkek, Kyrgyz, from June 14th to 16th, 2024.

参加者はキルギス国内はもちろん、ロシア、日本、トルコから100名以上が集まった。会場は例年通りのDinamo Dojo。7回の稽古と1回の審査を指導した。各稽古ごとに異なる手法を使いながら基本技を様々な方向から指導した。異なる方向からのアプローチが参加者をより深い理解へと導く。

The participants gathered not only from Kyrgyzstan but also from Russia, Japan, and Turkey, with over one hundred attendees. The venue was the usual place, Dinamo Dojo. I instructed basic techniques from several directions using different methods in each classes. The approaches from different directions can lead the participants to a deeper understanding.


The most impressive point was the participants from Nizhny Tagil city in Russia. They traveled to the seminar by a 3000-kilometer land route, crossing two borders over four days. I was surprised by their passion for Aikido.


There was the hospitality of the Kyrgyz people, the passion of many people for Aikido, and unbelievably excellent natural beauty. The seminar made us realize the wonderfulness of being alive.

セミナー等の依頼はこちら。 About request for the seminar is here.

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